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August 01, 2013


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Mushroom-Girl, I hear you!
Unfortunately, I missed your baby brother, but how cool is that!
What beautiful "poem". And so true.
My weight is so out of control, I'm ready to try anything at this point.


I once fasted every Monday for an entire year, except for the rare occasion where I did not want to reveal the reason for it. Elizasmom's father had been taken away from us on a Monday evening and the least thing I could do to match his sacrifice was to stop eating on that day. The idea for it actually came from the fabulous "Ghandi" movie. He fasted frequently to help him through difficult patches in life and to gain more clarity. My experience was that by eliminating food as "problem solver", my mind was free to dig deeper into the issues I was struggling with. On the other hand, as time went on, I became aware of how close I came to slipping into a serious eating disorder. Fasting can become as addictive as any other drug. After the year, I took off my wedding band and stopped the Monday fast. And I was glad that I had set these 2 rules from the beginning.


Wow. Thank you for sharing that, and for the little warning. I think I am going to proceed, but will do so with caution.

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